Glencoe Agricultural Society 2018

  • PAST PRESIDENT ~Jason Lambert
    • 519-868-0287


  • PRESIDENT ~ Jeremy Gough
    • 519-657-6002


  • 1st VICE PRESIDENT ~ Ashleigh McLean
    • 519-494-4133


  • 2nd VICE PRESIDENT ~ Kathryn Lambert
    • 519-870-9954


  • SECRETARY ~ Stephanie McCallum
    • 519-317-3386 


  • TREASURER ~ Celeste McEachren
    • 519-289-2733


General Inquiries:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 519.287.2836


Donations eTransfer (to Celeste):
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  • Morgan MacTavish
  • Brenda MacTavish
  • Ryan Hurley
  • Dave May


  • John Gailbraith
  • Joey Smeekens
  • Morgan Laughton
  • Jon Gough
  • Cody Gough
  • Erica Parnell
  • Elicia Stalker
  • Stuart May



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Gord Crawford, Jean Crawford, Bill Galbraith, John David MacTavish, Betty Schieman, Neil Huckle, Phyllis Munro

Western Fair District



As 2018 closes we have an exciting announcement: The Glencoe Ag Society is thrilled to inform that we have graciously been selected by Western Fair Association to receive $10,000 worth of funding towards improvements to our hall/facilities. Stay tuned for some exciting changes coming in 2019. Western Fair Website