Congratulations Noah Holroyd, Our 2019 Baby Photo Contest Winner


& Colt Towers & Winona Rey Ryan-Knight

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Our Approach to the Selecting the Area's Cutest Baby!!






What You Need To Know:

  1. Submit a 4"x6" AMATEUR photo of your child, born between September 1st , 2018 and August 31st , 2019.
  2. Photo will be displayed at the Fair from 6:00 pm on Friday, September 20th, 2019 until 4:45 pm on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 in the Agricultural building.
  3. Guests of the Fair will be eligible to vote by secret ballot for their favourite photo.
  4. Ballots will be counted after 4:45 pm on Saturday, September 21st, 2019
  5. Prizes will be awarded for the three photos with the most votes. 

The winners will be announced on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 at the Fair and displayed on our website (note: permission granted for publication when photo is submitted

Prizes will be available for pick-up after the winners are announced. Information regarding pick-up of prizes will be available at the Fair.

As a Thank You for entering all entrants will receive a small gift, these will be available when you pick up your picture.

COST: Only the time you have invested in capturing that precious moment

**NOTE: This is NOT part of the open Photography Class 28**


  1. Photo must be handed in by 1:00 p.m. on Friday, September 20th, 2019 to the Fair office in the Agricultural Building.
  2. An entry form must be completed and signed by the child’s parent or guardian.
  3. The child’s name and birth date must be on the back of the photo.
  4. Photos can be picked up following the announcement of the winners in the paper. (Location for pick-up will to be announced)
  5. Any photo not reclaimed by September 30th, 2019 will become the property of the Glencoe Agricultural Society.

Questions regarding the Baby Photo Contest can be directed to Laurie McGill @ 519-287-3055.


Baby Contest Winners:

  • 2019 ~ 1st: Noah Holrod
  • 2018 ~ 1st: Brynlee & Blake Laughton   
  • 2017 ~ 1st: Nash Parnell    
  • 2016 ~ 1st: Cora Towers
  • 2015 ~ 1st: Ryleigh Laughton    
  • 2014 ~ 1st: PJ Simpson
  • 2nd: Colt Towers
  • 2nd: Hazel Chelmak (Ldn)  
  • 2nd: Josephine Sinclair    
  • 2nd: Roger Ysebaert 
  • 2nd: Leo Suszzcynski
  • 2nd: Adelyn M. (Strath)    
  • 3rd: Winona Rey Ryan-Knight 
  • 3rd: Paisley McCready-Howard (Newbury) 
  • 3rd: Wylie Wernham 
  • 3rd: Carter Simpson
  • 3rd: Adam Patterson 
  • 3rd: Addalyn R.



Western Fair District



As 2018 closes we have an exciting announcement: The Glencoe Ag Society is thrilled to inform that we have graciously been selected by Western Fair Association to receive $10,000 worth of funding towards improvements to our hall/facilities. Stay tuned for some exciting changes coming in 2019. Western Fair Website