Thank You to All the Bakers, Donors, Participants in the Auction and The Winners

for making our First Live Pie Auction a Huge Success!




Best Pecan Pie - (Baked by: Heather Morton, Donated by: Jeff McCallum) ~ Purchased by: Steven Kitchen - $325

1 Dozen Butter Tarts - (Baked by: Vicki Slack, Donated by: John Campbell) ~ Purchased by: Cody Gough - $500

Best Strawberry Rubarb Pie - ( Baked by: Heather Morton, Donated by: Bill Leitch) ~ Purchased by: John David MacTavish - $425

3 LayerGerman Chocolate Cake - (Baked by: Heather Morton, Donated by: Jeremy Gough) ~ Purchased by: Rick Cowell - $525

Best Dutch Apple Pie - (Baked by: Sarah Milliken Tomlinson, Donated by: Andrea McKellar) ~ Purchased by: Jeremy Gough - $650


Western Fair District



As 2018 closes we have an exciting announcement: The Glencoe Ag Society is thrilled to inform that we have graciously been selected by Western Fair Association to receive $10,000 worth of funding towards improvements to our hall/facilities. Stay tuned for some exciting changes coming in 2019. Western Fair Website