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About the Glencoe Fair

The Glencoe Agricultural Society was the fruit of a lot of love and labour between many communities and townships.

For well over 100 years, we have worked hard to ensure our Society serves its community members by bringing them together, connecting them with enriching experiences and knowledge and ensuring our local artisans get the exposure and engagement they need to thrive.

We are proud of the long and rich history of the Glencoe Agricultural Society and look forward to ensuring, each and every year, we continue to remain a relevant and vibrant entity within the heart of our township.



Our Facilities

Our History

Way back in 1848 – even before the Confederation of Canada took place – the Mosa Township hosted its own community fair in various locations, including Strathburn and Wardsville. For nearly 30 years, Mosa and its settling families and friends partook in the fun and festivity of town fairs. Simultaneously, in 1854, the Metcalfe Township began putting on a fair that later was integrated with the Strathroy fair. Not long after, from 1857 to 1876, the nearby township of Ekfrid also held a fair in Appin behind the old Town Hall where the community centre is currently located.

Even 150 years ago, these communities recognized the community- and business-building power inherent within a town fair. Large or small, these gatherings of farmers, craftspeople and exuberant citizens were the perfect way for neighbours to connect, long before FaceTime became something you did on your phone. As early as 1875, Glencoe joined with the Mosa Township to host a joint celebration at the old Town Hall on McKellar Street. While town fairs had already been taking place in the area, this was the first time the Village of Glencoe got in on the hosting festivities.

For the next decade, the Glencoe Fair evolved and, in 1879, Ekfrid partnered with Glencoe and Mosa to expand upon the excitement of their annual fair. This was the same year the racetrack and Glencoe’s first Crystal Palace were built, adding even more vibrancy and liveliness to our incredible region and its community gatherings. In 1891, Mosa and Ekfrid agricultural societies united, bringing us a few steps closer to the official launch of the Glencoe Agricultural Society as we know – and love – it today.

Over the past 100 years, we have continued to build upon the Glencoe Fair’s rich legacy. From the second Crystal Palace through to the grandstand and all the wonderful partnerships that may our community so truly unique, we are so grateful for all the elbow grease and love that has gone into building our Society and its annual festivities.


Prepared by Harold Carruthers

Giving Back

The Glencoe Agricultural Society focuses on bettering the community as a whole. Through donations, canned food drives, and hosting events, our wonderful team and volunteers strive to support the local community.


Meet the hard-working community leaders who make up the Glencoe Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors. We are proud to work alongside each of the individuals who give of their time, talents and treasures to push our initiatives and our township forward.


Kathryn Lambert

1st Vice President

Stephanie McCallum

2nd Vice President

Morgan MacTavish

Past President

Ashleigh McLean


Victoria Little


Celeste McEachren

Booking Manager

Jenn Meersseman

Board of Directors

1st Year Directors

• Melanie Reid

• Melanie Clendening

• Stuart May

• Joey Smeeken

2nd Year Directors

• Mike Cummings
• Hannah Horton
• Jason Lambert
• Greg McLean

3rd Year Directors

• Deb Boekhoven
• Jenn Ryan
• Jeff McCallum
• John Galbraith


The Glencoe Agricultural Society is always looking for new Volunteers and we want you!

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. They support us with the overarching vision for society, while also having the grit and dedication to implement every little detail that comes together to create our fantastic events. We are extremely grateful for all those who form our hard-driving committees, as they are an integral part of our Society’s ability to maintain and expand the programs, services and celebrations that bring our community together.

Become a Volunteer


4-H Horse Show

Heather Brunet – 226-378-8368
Stephanie Hounsell
Eryn Cummings
Cheri-Lynn Crandon


Morgan Nichol

Agriculture in the Classroom

Chairperson: Kathryn Lambert
Jeff McCallum
Morgan MacTavish

Amateur Wine-Making Contest

Chairperson: Reg Jeffrey – 519-289-5707
Dawnna Towers
Mary Anne Zwambag


Chairperson: Jacqui Walker (Sr. Ambassador)

Antiques and Collectibles

Chairperson: Mary Anne Zwambag – 519-287-3219

Baby Photo Contest

Chairperson: Jen Ryan


Chairperson: Andrea MacKellar
Brenda MacTavish
Marilyn Crawford
Hannah Horton

Beef Show

Chairperson: Lavonne Simpson
John Crawford
Reed Crawford
Jane Crawford
Nick Zwambag
Mike Stewart
Ryan Hurley
Dave McEachren

Canned Products

Chairperson: Brenda MacTavish – 519-847-5826
Marg Field
Rosemary McDonald
Vicki Slack

Commercial Steer & Heifer Show

Chairperson: Ryan Hurley – 519-287-3159
Kevin Campbell
John Crawford
Ron Hurley
Ian McRae
Greg Mitchell
Jennifer Ryan
Ray Simpson
Len Dobbin
Nick Zwambag

Creative Crafts

Chairperson: Gord Walker – 519-287-3017
Darlene Hoover – 519-287-2462


Kathryn Lambert

Field Crop Competition

Chairperson – Bob Thirlwall – 519-871-2213
Clark Boekhoven
Henry Van Bilsen
Bill Galbraith


Chairperson: Dave Skipper – 519-287-3013

Grains and Seeds

Chairperson – Henry VanBilsen – 519-287-3540
Dave Little
Sean VanBilsen
John E Mitchell

Handicrafts and Art

Chairperson: Kathryn Gough – 519-289-2374
Debbie Boekhoven
Judy Gillies
Phyllis Munro
Patti Thirlwall

Heavy Horse Show

Chairperson: John Campbell – 519-287-2920
John Cameron
Brianne Quennville
Kevin Campbell

Hillbilly Hustle

Chairperson: Stephanie McCallum


Chairperson: Julie Field – 519-287-3849
Norma Leitch
Ruth Simpson
Donna Jean Van Bilsen
Louise Johnston
Phyllis Campbell
Kathy Leitch
Charlene Hillen
Ashleigh McLean

Inter-County 4-H Beef

Chairperson: Ryan Hurley

Intermediate Corner

Chairperson: Mary Anne Zwambag – 519-287-3219

Junior Fair

Chairperson: Elicia Stalker – 519-319-6311


Chairperson: Laurie McGill – 287-3055
Lisa Earley
Brenda Miller
Jennifer Monroe

Plants and Cut Flowers

Chairperson: Bonnie McKellar – 519-287-5120
Barb McGill

Roots and Vegetables

Chairperson: Dave Skipper – 519-287-3013

Seniors Corner

Chairperson: Dave Skipper – 519-287-3013

Sheep Show

Chairperson: Stuart and Margaret May – 519-287-5334
Bruce Gerber
Cody Gough
Jim May
Randy Martin
Linda Stewart
Cathy Whitlock


Chairperson: Kathryn Lambert