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Fair Schedule

An annual event designed to invigorate our wonderful region

The Glencoe Fair stretches across several days – starting with the Hillbilly Hustle and culminating in the Fair Dance on Saturday night. Complete with high-energy competitions, excellent entertainment and a wide variety of talented exhibitors, this annual event has something for everyone. The perfect place to bring a date or bring your entire family, the Glencoe Fair is a safe and welcoming celebration for people of every age and set of interests.

Each year, the Glencoe Agricultural Society works tirelessly alongside our region’s community members, farmers, businesses and performers to make the fair an unforgettable time of memory making and relationship building. This year is no different and, after far too long spent apart and in isolation, we know the 2023 Glencoe Fair is going to be the best one yet.

Glencoe Fair Schedule 2024

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Competition Info

There is nothing quite like the spirit of competition to energize a community. During the Glencoe Fair, you will have countless opportunities to either participate in or simply enjoy watching a number of competitions that will allow people from across our region to showcase their stuff. Whether you want to show off your little ones in our baby photo contest or you are eager to celebrate the beauty of your blooms during our plants and cut flowers competition, the Glencoe Fair is a place where your neighbours can cheer for everything you are most proud of.

True to the nature of this community and agricultural event, the Glencoe Fair puts our region’s bounty and livestock on their well-deserved pedestals. A huge draw of the fair is the annual livestock competition where our farmers introduce their friends, family and neighbours to the very best in show. Beyond the animals, crops and homegrown goods, craftspeople and artisans from across Ontario come to the Glencoe Fair to deliver on delicious dishes and beautiful works of creativity and art.

Homecraft, Agriculture & Junior Fair Competitions

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Amateur Wine
  • Baby Photo Contest
  • Baking
  • Canned Products
  • Creative Crafts
  • Field Crop
  • Fruits
  • Grain & Seed
  • Handicrafts & Arts
  • Intermediate Corner
  • Junior Fair
  • Photography
  • Plants & Cut Flowers
  • Roots and Vegetables
  • Seniors Corner
  • School Fair
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Livestock Competitions

  • 4-H
    • Beef
    • Dairy
    • Horse
    • Sheep
  • Beef
  • Heavy Horse
  • Sheep
  • Pee Wee Showmanship
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  • Hillbilly Hustle
  • Demo Derby
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Ambassador Program

Competitions that serve the best interests of our community and encourage our young people to do right by their neighbours is a defining element of the Glencoe Fair. Each year, our fair hosts its coveted Ambassador Program where young adults, ages 18-24, compete to become our Glencoe Fair Ambassador.

During the competition, the contestants get to build upon their public speaking skills and make their loved ones proud. Plus, and likely best of all, they get to build upon their confidence and add this esteemed program to their resumes or college applications. Great for personal and professional development, we are always so proud to host this very special part of our fair!

2024 Senior Leadership Development Workshop & Fair Ambassador Program

The 2024 Glencoe Fair Ambassador program is dedicated to
past committee chair and Ambassador Shannon (Thornicroft) Haven.

This workshop day is targeted for students in Grades 9-12, looking to improve their leadership skills, public speaking capabilities, and get involved within the community. Join us at the Ag Hall on September 14th from 12:00pm – 4:00pm for the workshop, and qualified individuals interested in running as the Glencoe Fair Ambassador are invited to stay from 4:00pm – 5:00pm to utilize the skills they learned throughout the day in front of our judges in the form of a brief interview, and 2 impromptu questions. The Glencoe Fair Ambassador will be chosen on the 14th, and officially announced during the Fair on Friday. Pre-registration details will be posted on our social media, and will close on September 11th.

The Glencoe Fair Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for young adults between the ages of 18-24 to get involved in their community while also gaining valuable skills! Our goal is for participants to come out of this experience feeling more confident in public speaking, networking, introducing themselves, interviewing, and conducting themselves professionally.

The ambassador will spend their year attending events within the Glencoe community such as the fair, and within the greater community of agricultural societies at the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention and at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Ambassador of the Fairs Competition. Attending these events allows the ambassador the time and space to improve upon a variety of professional and personal skills in several environments, as well as the incredible experience of meeting fellow fair ambassadors and agricultural society members from across Ontario.

Although only one participant in the Ambassador Program gets the opportunity to fully represent Glencoe for the year, we think that all who participate benefit from the experience of meeting new people and working on their professional development! We also encourage all who take part to continue to stay involved with the Glencoe Fair Ambassador Committee and Glencoe Agricultural Society in the future.

The selected Fair Ambassador will receive a $1,500 bursary.

For more information regarding the fair ambassador program, please contact the committee at [email protected]

Contact the Committee

Past Ambassadors & Queens

Glencoe Fair Queens - 1967 to 1997

  • 1967 Nancy McKellar (Knight)
  • 1968 Nancy Mahovolich (Drake)*
  • 1969 Johanna Deputter (Kahnert)
  • 1970 Carol Anne Campbell (Cuzzacaira)
  • 1971 Linda Dobbyn (McColl)
  • 1972 Cheryl Thompson (Webster)
  • 1973 Mary Winship
  • 1974 Maria VanBurgsteden
  • 1975 Margaret Ann McColl (Sweete)
  • 1976 Carol McLean (Edwards)
  • 1977 Marlia Johnston (Gossett)
  • 1978 Ruth McLean (Hartland)
  • 1979 Kathy Mayhew (Smulders)
  • 1980 Diane VanAlstyne
  • 1981 Tracie Leckie (VanVeen)
  • 1982 Tracy Knight*
  • 1983 Lenore McColl (Patterson)
  • 1984 Debbie Barnes (Bechard)
  • 1985 Rhonda Haggith
  • 1986 Chris Sivak
  • 1987 Tina Mitchell
  • 1988 Yvonne Janssen
  • 1989 Cathy Apps (Shaver)
  • 1990 Tanya McLachlan
  • 1991 Shana McEachren
  • 1992 Heather Simpson (Jakobi)
  • 1993 Julie McCallum (Khan)
  • 1994 Lara McEachren
  • 1995 Marisa Forrest (Norris)
  • 1996 Robin McRae
  • 1997 Loni Grover

Glencoe Fair Ambassadors - 1998 to Present

  • 1998 Natasja Baker (Hammond)
  • 1999 Julie Warren (Paquette)
  • 2000 Erin Blackmore
  • 2001 Courtney MCKellar (Bailey)
  • 2002 Shannon Thornicroft (Havens)
  • 2003 Frances Minnema (McKillop)
  • 2004 Sarah Doub
  • 2005 Natalie Mahovolich
  • 2006 Janelle Davenport (Crocker)
  • 2007 Kaleigh Elliot
  • 2008 Jennara Field
  • 2009 Jenna Zwambag
  • 2010 Lauren Tenkate
  • 2011 Taylor McLean
  • 2012 Meagan McGill
  • 2013 Morgan MacTavish
  • 2014 Jacob Weber
  • 2015 Jacqui Walker
  • 2016 Lauren Moore
  • 2017 Taylor Chalupka
  • 2018 Kayla Kok
  • 2019 Kennidi Howe
  • 2022 Reegan Sawyer
  • 2023  Ayden McRae

Glencoe Fair Vendor & Exhibitor Information

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to get your products and services in front of thousands of eager community members. During the Glencoe Fair, our vendors get to directly interact with potential customers while also nurturing great relationships with their current networks.

The Glencoe Agricultural Society takes great care to nurture positive and productive relationships with the vendors who join us from across our region. We support each individual and business to get the most bang for their buck in terms of exposure and promotion. Plus, by creating truly exceptional experiences for our event attendees, we help ensure each customer you encounter is a contented one.

If you are interested in meeting, greeting and providing high-quality products to a wider range of customers, consider the Glencoe Fair a great way to do so. This is the ultimate annual networking event where you know people will arrive hungry, happy and interested to learn more about the incredibly diverse vendors who help make this event such a spectacular success.

Get involved in the Glencoe Fair as a vendor and fill out your application form today!

Vendor Application 2024

Demo Derby

Friday September 20, 2024 @ 8:00pm

School Fair

School Fair is open to local students to enter through their school, in grades JK-Grade 8.

Entries are generally prepared in May and June, judged during the summer and on displayed at the Fair in September.

School Fair Prize Book 2024